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If you know little to nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general ...

... then this is the podcast for you! I used to think Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were a novel idea,
a fad that had gained momentum but had no real shelf life. I was wrong!

Truth is I was intimated by cryptocurrency -
I heard terms like "blockchain" and "nodes" and figured I'd need a doctorate in computer science to understand it. But I realized this new technology was here to stay and in fact may revolutionize the way we bank, make purchases, listen to music ... I didn't want to be left out.

Then it hit me, I don't understand how the technology of my smart phone works, but I know very well how to use it - and use it to my advantage! I set out to do the same with cryptocurrency. I've learned a lot and want to help others just like me get up to speed. I'm still learning and together we crypto newborns will take baby steps around the block(chain)!

Send me your questions, comments, rants and raves below!

Thank you for tuning in!

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Your host

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Biff Lohrey

Marketing consultant,
fantasy fiction novelist and,
wait for it ...

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Questions, comments, rants and raves

Let me hear from you!

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